Canadians have the right to flip people off

Finally, some sanity in the area of free speech! But why didn’t the US snap it up as the National Gesture?

The argument that started all this sounds rather un-Canadian, but I see that it happened in Montreal. The thing to know about Montreal is that everyone there is a little bit crazy – mostly in a good way, but still, unconventional. And the judge’s remarks were a little weird, too. There is no such thing in law as a “God-given right” – there are only Charter rights – so why bring this up? Also “every red-blooded Canadian”. Are there other kinds? The judge may have been toking a bit of that legal cannabis we have around here, and possibly so were the principals in this silly case. Ah, Montreal, je t’aime! :wink:

Sure, Canadians may have the right to flip people off, but do they have the capacity to do so?

There’s precedent in the U.S. supporting the one-finger salute as “free speech”.

Re the Canadian decision cited in the OP, does that mean that anyone appearing before the Honourable Judge Dennis Galiatsatos (who rendered the decision) has the “God-given right” to flip him the bird without fear of penalty?

Yes, but the word ‘sorry’ will feature prominently.

I thought Pierre Trudeau established this several decades ago.

Maybe get it tattooed on your middle fingers and show it off.

Well, there’s the earlier precedent that under the people’s freedom of choices and voices act, we’re allowed to smoke and swear in court, so, yes?

Apparently younger drivers find that instead of the crass middle finger, a more effective gesture is the “thumbs down” sign.

Maybe. Maybe not. But I can still remember when some dude cut me off twenty years ago, and when given my constitutional and God-approved gesture responded by flashing the peace sign.

I think she may be overestimating the impact of her hand signal. When people see it they probably think “What the fuck does that mean? Are my tires low? A comment on my bumper sticker?” So they run her off the road just in case.