Canadians in strip clubs

An odd thought just occoured to me.
Now, I’ve never been in a strip joint, but in the movies you always see people stuffing dollar bills down bras and G-strings. Usually, IIRC, they’re ones.

So what happens up here? We have a one-dollar coin. We have a two-dollar coin. Do we stuff coins, uncomfortably, in bras and g-strings? Do we simply throw coins to (read; not AT) the dancers? Are we simply not allowed to tip in denominations less than five (Our lowest bill)?


Well, as a yank on the border, I prefer to go prepared with US singles for the reasons you bring up.

However, unlike the clubs in NY, Canadian dancers don’t keep the g-strings on through the act. And tops (no bras at the ballet) are usually off before the tipping begins.

That said, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand, toss or offer your tip in the teeth (disgusting, I know) to the dancers. Regardless of whether it’s a coin or bill. Though with the value of the Canadian dollar, a looney is a bit on the tight side.

[sub]What are you looking at? I’m single and I only go a few times a year… Seriously…[/sub]

I recall dancers doing really interesting things with coins…
Oh yeah, that was in Olongopo. Wrong country, wrong decade. Come to think of it, wrong century. Shit. Sorry.

In Montreal, the dancers get nekkid. In every case I’ve seen. And as for the bills: that’s why they call it a danse à dix, folks.

So, Mnementh, what you got planned for the TorDopFest? :wink:

This was just discussed recently in GQ: Canadian Strippers: How to tip.