CanaDopers - need your advice!

This September I’m visiting Canada for the first time. Part of the trip will involve me driving from Vancouver to Calgary. Originally I’d thought to go from Vancouver via Kamloops, Jasper and Banff taking three or four days for the trip.

Since then, a colleague has suggested instead of going via Jasper to go via Salmon Arm instead and then on to Calgary.

I was planning on potentially one overnight stop with a two or three day break in Banff before heading to Calgary to drop off the rental car, and then flying out from there.

Any suggestions for good routes, places to visit, stay etc along the way?

University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology, is not to be missed!

Will you ferry across to Vancouver Island? Yes, yes, you absolutely should! And pencil in High Tea at some spot, Banff or Victoria, I should think!

Thanks, elbows - the plan was to fly from Calgary to Seattle then go by ferry from there to Victoria, heading back via Vancouver Island.

High tea sounds extremely civilised!

University of British Columbia in general. It’s beautiful!

You also mentioned Banff, which I’d recommend. Banff National Park too.

What was the supposed advantage of going via Salmon Arm?

Dr Drake, it was a suggestion that Salmon Arm was a nice place to visit. It had more about it than Kamloops for an overnight stay, and it would cut down the driving time for me.

If you have a better suggestion, I’m open to ideas!