Candidates & Elian

Heck, considering most polls, as well as the SDMB, say send the kid back to his father… every candidate goes the other way. I suppose the Florida delegates are that valuable, but couldn’t McCain make some hay there ? I figured he lose Florida - as in Florida Gov’r Bush - to George W. anyway… or is that actually his belief ?

McCain’s pretty far right. He probably does believe it.

Bradley has to say it because of the number of Cuban-Americans in New Jersey.

I don’t know about Gore. But I haven’t heard him speak on the subject in quite some time. Now that it’s clear how much public opinion is against keeping the boy here, I wonder if he’ll change his position on this issue too :rolleyes:

Although most Americans recognize that the only sensible solution is to return him to his Father - there is little strong feeling about the issue except in Miami - where the sentiment runs the other way. Therefore, it makes the most sense for a politician to voice the opinion of the noisy minority.