Candidates for Governor: Both Of You -- Go To Your Rooms! NOW!!

In my beloved state of Pennsylvania, we’ve got a primary coming up. Two candidates for governor from one party have spent the past month and untold dollars showing ads which tear each other to shreds. As a registered and snarky voter, I’m sick of it. I feel like the mother of two year old twins – I don’t care who started it. Both of you go to your rooms. They’re both calling each other liars, but neither one is saying anything positive about what he plans to do. One, IMHO is worse than the other (I’ve been able to locate somethings the other has done), but I’m tired of both of them. I can’t even watch the local news to find out what the weather will be without these ads coming on. I have also finally given up my much-prized Independent registration so I can have the privilege of voting against one of these candidates in a few weeks time.

Look tell me something positive you have done or plan on doing and give me reasons to think you might be able to pull it off, tell me where you stand and what you think, and I might be willing to vote for you. On the other hand, if both of you spend the next few weeks trying to convince the general public that your opponent is a lying, evil scumbag who would make Hitler look good and Gilligan look competent, don’t be surprised if the candidate from the other party wins.

Non-American Dopers, please tell me negative campaigning hasn’t caught on in your countries. If it’s the UK, I might even ask if you’d let me back. Need any database programmers?


I’m either psychic or Pennsylvanian. Oh, look, I’m Pennsylvanian. Darn.

I knew that this thread would be about Casey and Rendell when I saw the title. I just knew!

And I agree. Enough already! Louie’s All-Girl Wrestling Bar called, boys. They want their mud back.


Oh, and I have to make sure that a point that cjhoworth made is brought right to the top of the attention span here. This is a primary race right now. Meaning that they’re both from the same party.

State Democrats, may I suggest that you hold on to at least a few bullets? Just so you have some ammunition left when it’s time for the real fight?



An aside, I saw a campaign sign:


You’re right, Rendell’s an ass–everything on his website under “Campaign Issues”, all his “Rendell’s Plan for Unwed Left-handed Eskimo Mothers, Rendell’s Plan for Pennsylvania’s Third-Year Journalism Majors, Rendell’s Plan for Frito Shortages”, are in computer-crashing PDF format. AND, as if that isn’t bad enough, the home page has one of those “locked-in” thingies, which means that using the Back button won’t get you out of it–you’re trapped there forever, doomed.

So, no linkie for Eddie.

Casey’s website, however, is good ol’ HTML.

So, vote for Bob Casey–motto, “I’m not Internet-challenged like Rendell”.

You rang?

Seriously though, it’s rough. All I’ve been able to discern from all the crap that’s been going back and forth is that Rendell used to be the mayor of Philadelphia and Casey’s dad gave us money to build a hockey arena in Wilkes-Barre.

Do any of those independent political websites have a brekadown of this race where list basically what each person says about what? I’m most concerned about where they each stand on school vouchers and public education.

I thought this was about the California Gubernatorial elections. Christ, leave it to California Republicans to make their constituents vote for Gray Davis.

Well, Canada at least isn’t that bad; soft money isn’t as prevalent, lobbyists don’t quite run the show, and there’s usually some civility.

Of course, it helps that the federal party is practically unchallenged. It’s easy to be magnanimous when you’re undefeatable.

Duck Duck Goose
Actually, based on early reporting about the candidates, I decided I liked Rendell a lot better, in part because he’s pro-choice and does have some experience. Casey used to be State Auditor, but IIRC, he didn’t say much of substance during that campaign.

Aaargh!!! Here’s another one!!!

Actually, political adds on TV or radios are forbidden, here. Except during some days before the vote, during which all candidates have an equal amount of time on the public channels (like 5 minutes each for a week or two)
So, it’s not really an issue…

I, too, wish they’d shut the hell up. I could care less about either one. I’m from Delaware, and I’m sick of PA politicos, especially lying, mud-slinging politicos, all over my tube.

I say: Lock the pair of them in a room stocked with 2X4s and copies of the state budget. Whomever walks out alive can be the candidate. Pay-per-view fees can fund the party’s war chest.

Casey does, indeed, share his late father’s pro-life sympathies, which would make him a non-starter as a Democratic candidate almost anywhere else but Pennsylvania.

Some may remember the late Governor Casey as the man that the Republicans used to smear the Democrats when the National Committee refused to allow him to speak at the 1992 Democratic Convention. *


[sub]*although it should be noted that the rule at that Convention was, if you don’t endorse, you don’t speak, and Casey wouldn’t endorse Clinton. His pro-life stance officially (and I think, actually) had nothing to do with his lack of a podium spot.[/sub]

I’m also in PA. and I’m tired of all the ads. The first one I paid attention to was the one with Philly teachers talking about the lies Rendall told about helping the schools. Then I saw the one with other Philly teachers saying that Rendel did help the schools. Then yet a third one with other teachers talking about Rendel not doing the things that the other teachers said he did.

Confusing. I wish there was another Democrat to vote for.

I had the feeling this might be about PA, even though I had no idea of where cjhoworth lives. The ads have been pretty annoying. I’m a conscientious objector to democracy, so I won’t be voting come the actual election, but if I was going to vote, it wouldn’t be in a Democratic primacy. Nevertheless, I’ve been unable to avoid noticing these ads. Between the two of them it seems they’re being played in Pittsburgh at a rate of ten commercials per hour. I’m hoping the primary is soon so I don’t have to put up with much more of this. Of course, then it will be the winner versus the Republican canidate, but maybe that won’t be quite as bad…

It really is shameful that I knew exactly what you were talking about before I opened the thread. I just turned 18. This is the first election I ever get to vote in. And even though I’m republican, it still means that one of these chumps will be on the ticket! ARGH!

My “favorite” commercial that I’ve heard so far:

“At the beginning of the primaries, democratic candidates agreed on a positive campaign, without smear tactics. All of the candidates agreed to this…but one. (Foreboding music) Bob Casey insists on using mudslinging to win the election. Is this the kind of governor you want for Pennsylvania? On election day, vote positive. Vote Rendell.”
The irony just kills me.

Jester-you, a Republican? I can’t see it, somehow.

Personally, I don’t know what Rendell’s record in Filthadelphia was like, soo…