candle care question

Googled for this, but can’t find specifically what I’m looking for.

We have some massive candles that we’ve lit recently. For example, one of them is a foot and a half high and about 8-inches across, a nice tall cylinder. But it only has 1 wick in the center, and now that we’ve burned it a bit, there is a shotglass-wide hole in the center of the candle that’s a couple of inches shorter than the outer ring of wax. I’m guessing the problem will get worse as we keep burning the candle. How are we supposed to actually use this thing and have it burn evenly all the way down?

Start by ALWAYS burning your candles for several hours at a time. After a few hours (that big candle might be three or four hours) you’ll get a feel for how far out the heat will melt the candle. I doubt one wick is going to make it four inches in each direction, but a good three hours or so will probably get you just about there. How deep is the hole? If it less then an inch or so, you might be able to fix it with some real long burnings, but if it’s more the three or so inches, it’s probably a lost cause as the long burnings will probably result in the wax snuffing the flame.

The wick determines how wide a diameter will be consumed. The candle was likely meant to burn down and cast a soft glow through the wax. After the candle burns down and the core is gone, you can do something. Put a taper, or appropiate sized candle in the center and fill in the sides with shaved wax. You can buy wick at hobby store also. Then you put the wick rated for a larger burn in the candle, and top the candle off with melted wax,