Canine parvovirus is one nasty disease

Once an area is contaminated the virus can survive in the soil for seven years, the only solution is to remove the top layer of soil from an area which is of course impractical. I have seen dogs vaccinated on schedule still come down with it, as for feral pups or unwanted litters that get infected around 90% seem to die.

It is such a horrible painful death too, the dog has bloody diarrhea and destruction of the intestinal lining.

It is so contagious it spread world wide within 2 years of its first appearance.

Yes, yes it is. I often want to tell clients that in order to clean an area contaminated with Parvo you have to nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure, but I don’t think they would appreciate the humor.

I once worked in a town where the people claimed the soil was contaminated with parvo. I thought it was superstition–it was a very small, backward sort of town–but I worked there for over a year and I don’t think I ever saw or heard of a puppy that survived to adulthood. It was awful.

Egads! My neighbors, who recently survived a house fire, had 9 puppies. They have all been exposed to Parvo and now two of them have died. 3 more are symptomatic. I am isolating the others in a clean pen on a deck sterilized with bleach and one (that I intended to keep) is in my house. Does anyone know of any other remediation that I can help them with? I know the virus causes necrosis of the intestinal lining and that constant hydration is about the only therapy available other than taking them all to a vet immediately. That may be beyond this family’s means. They just had a house fire after all.

Suggestions are solicited.

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