Cannabis and Arithmia

In 1990 I quit drinking and smoking pot. I had suffered from heart arithmia for several years but never made a connection to pot. In 1992 I went to a class reunion and took a few hits with some old buddies. Arithmia returned and lasted for 72 hours. I suspected it was the pot at that time. A couple of months later just to see if it was the pot I fired up the other half of my reunion joint and the arithmia came right back and again lasted for 72 hours. Has anyone else experienced this?

Did you have some kind of problem related to arithmetic, or do you think you had arrhythmia? If the latter, how do you know? Did you see a doctor or are you relying on drug induced paranoia as a diagnosis?

I had gone to a Dr previously with it and had it confirmed. He told me the only danger was that the heart could go into a fib. Just like clockwork 72 hours after smoking heart would return to normal.

Have you smoked anything other than pot?

It could be the act of smoking sets off the arrhythmia instead of any special qualities of the MJ.

And keep a watchful eye on this condition. While it’s relatively harmless it can mask other problems.

Last month I had a stent put into one of my heart arteries. I had ignored worsening arrhythmia for almost 4 weeks assuming that it would eventually fade as in past times. It didn’t and I was lucky to get repaired before I had a heart attack.

I had a friend in college that couldn’t smoke pot because she had a cardiac condition and the one time she smoked she ended up in the hospital. I think it was arrythmia related.

Arrhythmia is a catchall term for all kinds of heart rhythm problems (actually the term would be more correctly called dysrhythmia since ‘arrhthymia’ means no rhythm as opposed to abnormal rhythm). Could you be more specific as to which dysrhythmia you had?

Marijuana smoking can be linked to tachycardia (fast heart rate) but rarely lasts as long as 72hrs. I’m not aware of any other specific dysrythmias related to cannibis use. Is it possible the marijuana you smoked was laced with cocaine or some other stimulant?

USCDiver, MD

It has been about 20 years since I smoked and no more problems. I recently retired and have been entertaining the thought of the medical MJ to help me sleep and relax. In my earlier years I never had an issue with it. Kind of seems like the newer more potent stuff comming out around that time may have contributed.
Diver, the irregular heartbeat had been a problem for a few years beofre I had quit smoking. It was actually very regular. 2 normal beats and then my heart felt like it was rolling over in my chest. Drove me nuts.

I guess I’m the only one coming into this thread who read the first word of the title as “cannibals”. :slight_smile:

I’ve smoked a lot of weed over the years and have yet to come across a bag that was laced with something else, like PCP or cocaine. I’ve always thought that was a pretty ridiculous idea because it doesn’t make any economic sense.

Making up numbers out of my ass, let’s pretend that a bag of weed costs $20 and an ounce of coke costs $100. Why would you waste the good expensive drug by dropping a bit in the cheap, less-fuck-you-up drug? What dealer would deplete his most profitable supply by dumping it in with his loss leader?

I’d guess the OP has some sort of cardiac condition and this has less to do with what was in the baggie than it does with what’s inside the OP’s chest. IANA doctor, but I’ve done enough drugs to know that dealers do not put expensive stuff in there with weed because that would kill their profit margin.

I’m not positive about this, but there are a variety of synthetic cannabis products out there, and I believe one of the symptoms of usage is arrythmia. This wouldn’t explain any reaction that happened long ago, but it is a possibility that what you recently smoked contained some of that stuff. But all in all, I’d say don’t smoke weed if you have this problem.