Canned air - what is it? Why does it kill ants?

Ah, good. Sorry for snapping at you. Just don’t say “your phrase is meaningless” to me often :slight_smile:

Canned “air” is fun to play with, and I recommend it highly. It’s not so cold to be really dangerous, and it’s easier to get than liquid nitrogen. You can condense it on dry ice. I even spelled it without having to look it up. Here’s the MSDS for anyone concerned.

So it sounds like my first thought was correct. “They done frozed” :slight_smile:

I wasn’t quite sure if it was the cold or something in the can that was doing it.

Wikkit: I agree, canned air is great fun to play with.

FYI – Inhaling it makes your voice really, really deep. Dont tri it tho, cose it kill bransel… what was I talking about?

Remeber, kiddos, use the same precautions while inhaling tetrafluorethane as you would helium or nitrous oxide. There’s no oxygen, so you can’t live on it. Make sure you get plenty of real air between uses.

And don’t inhale directly from the can, since frostbite in your mouth or lungs would suck. Fill a baloon, and let it come to room temperature first.

And don’t do this either. Tetrafluoroethane and its relatives act on the brain in a manner similar to many anaesthetics. It would be all too easy to kill youself this way.

Really? Why isn’t that mentioned in the MSDS? Most of them don’t show rat LD-50 untill where it has displaced too much oxygen, rather than biochemical causes.

From here.

Bolding mine.

Fascinating…how well does this stuff work on Cockroaches?

Fascinating…how well does this stuff work on Cockroaches?

Quite well, Ranchoth. I use it all the time to kill scary bugs, including cockroaches, when I can’t find anything else to kill them with.

I killed a big ass spider with it last night. A REALLY big one.

Froze him solid. He didn’t even know what hit him.

I would think it’d take out a <Scarface>f*ckin cock-a-roach</Scarface>

Ah, it’s an insecticde sytle “Death-Spray”

Maybe some tiny rocks came out and hit the ants upside the head.

Oh sure, lieu, tiny to you.

So this stuff can kill insects? All I have to do is invert the can?

Definantly going to try this tonight to kill a few fruit flys bugging the hell out of me. Time to die you bastards!!!

Wouldn’t this be considered a very safe method of killing bugs? I mean, can injestion of this spray (on eating surfaces) stay present very long in room temp? Wouldn’t it all just evaporate?

badmana, it does evaporate very quickly. The only way it kills insects is by freezing them when you spray it on them directly out of the can.

Although under some conditions the gas and even the freezing liquid can be flammable. And when it burns, it seems to produce some pretty nasty fumes that burn the eyes and throat and whatnot. So maybe if they’re really toxic, the fumes might kill bugs too! I think I smell a science project in the making.

Any gas other than oxygen will cause CNS damage at high levels, due to oxygen deprivation.

Who needs a CNS anyway?

Having um…experimented with this stuff once or twice in my younger days, I can attest that the effects manifest themselves much too fast to be merely a product of anoxia. Or perhpas a different chemical was used back then. We’re going back nearly 20 years.

Oh ah. You should have said that in the first place.

I never noticed any problems, but then I wasn’t inhaling it in concentrated form. I usually just discharge a full can in a small room in the course of an evening’s experiments… The smell is quite accurately described as ‘ethereal’, by the way.

My can of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane says it’ll reduce the available oxygen in the air. I wouldn’t want to spray so much of it that I could smell it.