canned broccoli

why doesn’t broccoli get canned?

The texture doesn’t hold up under canning, you end up with the stalks and branches floating around in a green glop that was the florets.

I could have sworn I’ve eaten canned broccoli before.

Which accounts for Campell’s “Cream of Brocolli” soup.

Because it shows up on time, does it’s job and doesn’t bother anybody. It also doesn’t take risks, so I wouldn’t expect to see it up for promotion anytime soon, either.

I can’t think of any vegetables in that family (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) that is canned, except in pickled forms. I expect it has to do with the sulphurous “off” flavor you get with overcooked cruciferous vegetables. Canned vegetables tend to get overcooked in the canning process, but this doesn’t matter so much with beans, etc. Overcooked broccoli is pretty foul.


manhattan, I hate broccoli that does not take risks too!