Canned cream of potato soup - uses? Ideas?

Bought it on something of an impulse, not for a specific recipe. Is it good just heated up with butter and chives like mashed potatoes? Any other clever uses for it?

Not exactly what you are looking for but my wife is allergic to mushrooms so I use cream of potato in many recipes that call for cream of mushroom.

Um, eat it? Heat it up and make potato soup. It’s good.

It’s already creamy, so butter not required, but chive if you like.

I like to put cheddar cheese in it.

Fry up some diced potatoes along with some ground beef and mix it up all together for homemade version of Hamburger Helper. And if you really hate yourself (like I do) you can throw in some crumbled up crispy bacon…
…Top it off with some shredded cheddar.

Can of soup, can of chicken, cup of frozen veggies in a pie pan, covered with bisquik and baked in the oven. Quick and easy (and very mediocre) pot pie.

Lots of black pepper. That’s the only seasoning that it needs.

Chives do sound good, though, now that I think about it…

Bacon crumbles! Or bacon bits, if you prefer. Cream of potato is my favorite comfort soup when I’m sick. I add the bacon and a little cheddar and if I have chives, def. chives. But I will also use garlic/onion powder.

It’s fine mixed with meat and veggies for a hot dish. I’ll use it faster than cream of chicken when it’s a beef dish. Nobody here likes mushrooms.

The word “baked” means WORK. You have to keep watching it and you can
burn your hand. Easier to sprinkle the ingredients with shredded cheese and
then watch the pie pan thru the microwave window.

David H Singanas 3-7-14