Canned salmon from with best by date in 2008 - safe?

I would eat it.

I’ve seen YouTube videos where cans from military MREs far older than the salmon are opened and eaten. They were crappy, but they were crappy when they were fresh.

Canned salmon is one of the foods my ex packed up for me when she threw me out in 1990, I was about 2010 before I finished all of it. I didn’t notice anything funny about it.

I could mail it to you… :wink:

As my health inspector husband always says…when in doubt throw it out.

Here you go.

If we were neighbors, I’d take it.

A woman I work with is paranoid about food. She throws away bottled salad dressing when the best by date is approaching. I gladly take the food and eat it in front of her, driving her batty.

I hate to say it but I would send it off to the landfill for future generations of archeologists and/or alien to marvel over. The value it too low to take a chance on something that old and with my nose all canned fish smells bad so a sniff test isn’t cutting it for me.

Actually, I’d be tempted to use it as bait in a raccoon trap, except that our raccoon problem seems to be solved now and I don’t have to kill the pesky little bandit-masked varmints anymore.

Do we work in the same office?

Do you also have the “EVERY FOOD ITEM I OWN MUST BE REFRIGERATED” lady? Cookies and crackers in the fridge. Smart.

Not that I’m assuming anything about the lady in the above post, but people who grow up in less than wonderful conditions can acquire the habit of putting everything in the refrigerator whether or not it requires refrigeration because it’s actually a pretty effective way to keep vermin like mice and roaches out of the food. This habit may well extend into adulthood, but the reasons for it not discussed due to prejudice against those who have or are poor.

Could this have gone into the can as salmon, and come out crappie?

That one caused me actual physical pain.

Another thing to consider is the best by date on canned meat is typically 3 years from time of
Manufacture, so that fish has been in that can for 11 years or more!

Is it safe? Probably
Should you eat it? Probably not

I know there are other daring gustatorians but, Steve1989MREInfo will apparently eat, almost, anything put on a mess tray . . .
Nice! (< Steve’s reaction word to anything put on a mess tray.)
. . . and then enjoy a ration cigarette that was stale 20 years before he was born!

CMC fnord!

“Best if used by” dates always remind me of this.

As it happens, the can was used as raccoon bait.

Unfortunately, while that part of the operation was successful and the trap sprung, the raccoon was not in fact caught and is still at large.

I’ll have to see if I have any more expired food for bait.

Although fish is an excellent raccoon bait, it also attracts cats and opossums. My favorite raccoon bait that seems to attract only raccoons is marshmallows.

/trapper secrets

In a cabin snowed in, with nothing else, I would eat that in a heartbeat.

With shelves full of current food, I would toss and buy another.

The chance it is unsafe is very low, but whay take the chance?

Last year’s date- sure, no problem.

Of course make sure any can is intect, no rust, no bulging.

Why are you trapping a raccoon? You may not know if trapped and moved, they almost always die. And not in a nice way, either.

I came home from work Saturday (I work second shift and get home late) and found the little masked bandit raiding my kitchen pantry. As in, he was physically in my kitchen eating my food. About 2 pounds of chocolate, a box of Rice Krispies, and a couple boxes of pasta, to be specific.

Thank Og he did not go after my parrots. Guess he’s too lazy to deal with live food, boxes are so much easier.

Presumably, he’s spending the day sleeping in a crawl space as I’ve only seen/heard him at night but he’s discovered a warm, dry place with food and I doubt he’ll leave voluntarily.

I am hoping to live capture the little bastard but if that fails yes, I will kill him because I can’t have a wild animal loose in my living space. It is dangerous for all parties involved. Live trapped he has a chance of survival, if I shoot him he’s just dead. Plus, I have even more mess to clean up.

Frankly, if the wildlife guy who is slated to pick him up decides to euthanize him I don’t care - we have plenty of raccoons in this area, they are in no way endangered.