Canned salmon from with best by date in 2008 - safe?

I have a can of salmon with a “best by” date in 2008. It is now 2017, almost 2018.

The can is in good condition, non-bulging, sealed.

Is this safe to eat or not?

Do not need answer fast, have newer cans to consume tonight for dinner.

Let’s say there is no reason to think it’s bad. On the other hand, there’s no absolute guarantee it’s safe. And even if OK to eat, the quality may have suffered.

I’ll eat canned food that’s years past its best-by date. But even I would pitch something that old.

As long as the can is intact, it should still be good though quality may have suffered.

Dress as a witch so it will be salmon enchanted evening.

Normally I’d say yes, but nine years?

We’re talking what, 2 or 3 bucks worth of salmon?

I wouldn’t eat it, and I eat a lot of stuff past the expirey date.

For the sake of science, please eat it and report back. If you really want to be thorough, buy a new can and compare the flavor.

I look forward to your results.

Here’s some considerations.

Canned food has had all microbes destroying in the canning process. Therefore if the can is intact, there would be nothing inside it to produce toxins that would make you sick. It should be safe to eat for decades. But if the can is damaged at all, all bets are off.

But food in cans can break down gradually due to heat or other conditions. While it won’t make you sick, it will taste like crap. Canned salmon should be good to eat in this sense for three to five years.

Agreed. Or, feed some to the cat, and if the cat is OK after a few days, still throw the stuff away since it’s been sitting, opened, in the fridge for a few days! :wink:

Smell it, the old nose will know! I am kidding, give it to the cat!

But I don’t have a cat!

Think I’ll toss that one. Thanks for the opinions/info.

I feel like there should have been a Monty Python reference by now. You dopers are slacking. sad

Is it salmon mousse? (Happy?)

The salmon is not expired. It’s just resting.

Back in college, we gave out old cans of tuna to the idiot fellow college students that came trick or treating in our undergrad apartment complex.

We both know that I’ll never be happy.:stuck_out_tongue:

Eat it. For science.

Salmon is not dead which can eternal lie.

Did you get egged as a result? :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for “pitch it”.

In Spain especially, but in many places around the world, aged canned goods are a delicacy, especially seafood.

I have learned something new. Thank you for that article. :slight_smile:

You ought to dump it now. The few dollars wasted by tossing the food is well worth it versus the cost of whatever food-spoilage-disease issues could arise by eating the salmon or even opening the can.