Cannibal babies!

My twin sons are now almost 11 months old, and cute as the dickens, except when they decide to use me to try out their new teeth on (Liam has five, James 4). Liam has bitten me hard enough to leave a mark a couple hours later, and just this afternoon, James took a chunk of skin out of my shoulder. Ow! Quit trying to eat Mommy!

I gather you are not nursing?

No, and I was pretty bummed about it (long story I won’t get into here) until this whole biting thing started. Yowza!

Geobabe, your RL last name wouldn’t happen to rhyme with “Donner”, would it?

Hey, you could do like a woman I used to sit for did - she let her kid teethe on the dog’s chew toys. :eek: First time I was over there and I saw her son grab the rubber bone away from the dog and gnaw on it himself, I leapt up to take it away, but she told me it was no biggie - they shared.


You need to teach them to chew on each other - what’s the good of having twins if they don’t keep each other entertained?? :smiley:

It actually is somewhat similar, not in pronounciation, but spelling. :eek:


They do gnaw on each other, though their skin hasn’t toughened up enough yet to really take much hard chewing. :smiley:

I don’t believe you. I will need pictures of said twin babies to prove they are indeed, doing what babies do when teething.

Honestly, did you think you could talk about babies without the obligatory photo link? :wink:

Well, I don’t have any photographic evidence of their snacking habits, but I can prove their cuteness. Witness:

Liam in action

James in the toybox (he got in there entirely on his own, I swear)

The two of them looking kinda skeptical about something


Liam looking down from his high chair (they both have their Daddy’s gorgeous blue eyes)

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!! Cuteness overload! Geobabe ya got ya a couple good lookin’ critters there.

Those are some identical adorabubbles!

Zombie Babies! Run for your lives!

[Zombie Babies]BWAINS![/ZB]

What funny looking babies! Not funny as in weird but funny as if they’d be funny. I can’t explain it - looking at them makes me want to laugh. So maybe I mean fun looking rather than funny looking…

Aww, thanks!

Surly Chick, they are SO MUCH fun! I get a lot of sympathetic looks and comments when we’re out with them, but I really wouldn’t trade them for the world. Now, I might feel differently when they get into the “Terrible Twos,” but right now they are just a blast. They make me laugh all the time, because they do silly things and make funny noises and tumble over each other like puppies. Twins are a hoot.

Why, they is cuter than a pair of speckled pups. :smiley:

As far as the biting, a good, healthy "OW! YOU HURT MOMMY!! might help. Although they do have the look of baby Take-Over-The-World-Tyrants. :slight_smile:

Oh god those babies are so cute they hurt me. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

When my younger brother was a baby and our dad would try to burp him, my brother would bite Dad’s shoulder! So yours aren’t the only cannibal babies out there. They are awfully cute, though, in a someday-we’ll-rule-the-world kind of way.

Oh yeah, I keep hearing “Pinky and the Brain” music whenever I look at them.

Hee–I was just at Target with the boys, and one of the clerks stopped to talk, looked at them and said, “Oh, they’re gonna be trouble, I can just tell.” Narf!

Those two are adorable kids and Surly Chick got it right - they look like they know how to have some fun. I’d want a baby but I’d better finish high school first :D.