Canning Recipes

I’m determined to embark upon a canning project this winter – it’s cranberry jam or bust. Since I’m going to go through the trouble anyway, are there any other canning recipes out there that I just have to try?

Chohecherry jelly is great as long as you give it several months to mellow. I’m not sure which recipe I used, as I’m at work, but any of them should be fine.

Definitely get a copy of Putting Food By, and the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. They have tons of recipes, and will tell you all you need to know about canning.

I’d say, can whatever is cheap and in-season locally. So far this year, I’ve canned chicken stock, blackberry preserves, chokecherry jelly, apple jelly, apple sauce, 5 kinds of pickles, sweet pickle relish, and dilly beans. I have grape juice in the fridge that I made last night to make jelly with tonight, and tons of tomatos in the freezer to make sauce with once the season’s over.