Cannot distinguish reply to previous post vs reply to original post

I think it’s been pretty clear about the situation many of have paired about. I’m not sure how to make it clearer. There doesn’t seem to be any appetite by the actual admins to make changes, so it doesn’t seem worth trying to explain it all again.

I don’t know what that first sentence means, so you’re right that you’re not making it clearer.

No one needs to explain anything in this thread again, whether it’s to the admins or to me, since anyone can read the thread.

I’ve read the thread in its entirety multiple times. I’ve researched the problem of the icons and its fixes on the Discourse board. There are multiple threads on the Discourse board on this icon issue. From what I’ve seen, the solution of adding icons to every post would create more problems than it solves.

“Admins”? We have admins?

We don’t need no stinkin’ admins

Who wants to add icons to every post? We just want to add a reply icon if we’re replying to the post directly above ours.

Post #97 in this thread.

The effectively non-existent admin.

Technically, the admin exists. But Ed Zotti isn’t a very proactive admin.

Which is why I call him the effectively non-existent admin.

This is a test post.  

This is a reply to the test post.

Another test post.  

This is a reply to another test post.


If a post ends in   and someone replies by highlighting and quoting, because the highlight does not capture the non-breaking space, the quote is not full and is not auto-deleted.

However, if a post ends in   and someone replies by clicking reply and then the quote button, the quote includes the non-breaking space. And the quote is auto-deleted.