Cannot distinguish reply to previous post vs reply to original post

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When a reply is made to the previous post, or when a reply is made to the original post, there is no indication who the reply is to. But when you reply to any other post, you get an indicator who the reply is to. Can we get that indicator for every post?

It is annoying. My work around is to quote a relevant part of the post I’m replying to.

But not the entire post. Or it won’t show up. You have leave off some portion of it. I don’t think I’m the only person that selects everything but the period at the end.

Yeah, there’s work arounds. But it’s really something the board should do automatically. We shouldn’t have to do extra.

I usually add   (non-breaking space) to the end of an entire quote.

Yep, I’ve done this.

Good workaround, thanks!

This is the clearest way to make sure everyone knows which post you’re replying to. You don’t have to quote the whole thing. And yes, if it’s the immediately preceding post, it will disappear when you post unless you alter the quoted portion in some tiny way that does not affect the meaning-- a period, a dash, or the like.

Not necessarily.

Not necessarily what?

Not necessarily this:

Most conversations are replies to the previous post; if you want to make that exceedingly clear, quote as desired. It never hurts to be precise.

Just don’t quote the entire post or you will lose the indicator that says it’s a response.

Kind of strange that we can’t get this changed.

I don’t view it as a particularly healthy behavior for readers, to see every post repeated over and over ad nauseam. Now, if you’re selectively replying to a specific statement, it’s helpful.

That’s just me though. Opinions vary. YMMV.

But we lose the indicator showing we’re replying to that post. We don’t need to see the entire post repeated. It isn’t always obvious by context that it’s a reply.

Is it really not clear that I’m replying to you here? Am I talking to someone else in the topic?

(reminder that this only happens if your reply is directly under the previous post, and you are the only reply.)

Obviously yes it’s clear in this instance. It isn’t always.

Maybe read the first couple of posts in this thread again. It keeps coming up.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for people to learn discipline about being clear in their communication, which will serve them exceedingly well in many aspects of their life, personal and professional, both now and in the future.

Just my opinion, one among many.

Provided they know ahead of time that the “reply to” indicator isn’t going to appear. It would just make things more clear to everyone.