I think we can fully quote people now!

It used to be that Discourse would delete the quote if you quoted a full post in a reply. But I did so earlier today, and it didn’t delete it. Is it possible that it’s letting us do this stuff now? Exciting!

Let’s see if it lets me…

Edit: Rats, no it didn’t.

Maybe if it’s not the post just above me?

Edit: Aha, that’s the secret!

Yes, if you fully quote the person above you, like I’m trying to do now, the quote will be hidden, your post won’t be labeled as a reply, and it will be unclear what you’re responding to.

At least, that’s what seems to be the case.

edit: or not? Maybe it was fixed in my long absence.

Unfortunately, that’s just how it has always worked.

I did fix this with my tweaker, though.

Fascinating thread👍

Hmm, I thought it used to be that if you quoted everything, it would turn it into a “reply” icon and edit out the quote. Hence, people would add a dash or something, maybe remove the last punctuation, just so that it wasn’t a perfect full quote.

Perhaps my memory is failing me though. I admit that is very much a distinct possibility.

You didn’t quite the full post, including the quote within it.

For example, I quoted BigT’s entire post above me. The annoying behavior up to now has been that discourse strips out the quote, and then doesn’t even give you the little arrow indicating that it’s a reply at all. This only applies when quoting the immediately previous post in its entirety.

EDIT: Annoying behavior remains unchanged.

Gadzooks, it’s true!

The criteria for getting a quote deleted are

  1. You quote the post right above yours.
  2. You quote entire post, without any alterations at all.

If one or the other do not apply, the quote remains.

You can also just delete the “full:true” bit of code from the quote markup.

If so, then that’s somewhat new, as I tested that before.

(And it would be a better way to handle it in my script.)

Something I do is just add a space before the last punctuation mark of the thing I’m quoting. I suppose I could make it even less noticeable by adding an extraneous space somewhere between two words.

I believe Discourse will automatically delete extra spaces. You can do what I do, just add a dash at the end of your quoted text, as I did here.

testing the change Smapti mentioned.

Hmm. Trying it again.

Nope, doesn’t seem to work. Maybe if I leave the comma in?

one last test

Edit: Nope, removing that part doesn’t seem to work for me.

Do note I left out a criterion, though. The full list of criteria are

  1. You quote the post right above yours.
  2. You quote the entire post, without any alterations to the text.
  3. You have not (yet) edited the post.

I lied about one last test.

Just leave out the period (or whatever punctuation mark’s there) at the end of the quote.