I think we can fully quote people now!

Sure, but that alters the quote, and is something I wouldn’t want my script doing automatically. I’m trying a different tactic with this post.

(Thanks for replying, BTW. You can’t make more than four posts in a row, which is another annoying nannying thing the software does.)

Okay, going back to a variation on my old way, which should work. It’s hard to figure out what characters you can add that the system won’t strip out.

Edit: it worked. Too bad it’s not really a strategy I can tell humans to use. The character I use is hard for humans to type.


Ha! Nope. I saw it render the quote for a second but then it stripped it out.

If you want to know, it’s this one:

I add a non-breaking space “ ” by typing in its HTML code “ ”. The code is all standard characters, so can be typed anywhere.


ETA: Yep, that works.

Add a backspace to the end. IIRC, it should render as nothing at all, not even a space. Testing.

ETA: Nope.

Do you guys not have the “Quote whole post” button on your post controls?

Hit the Reply button on the post you want to fully quote. Click on the dialogue bubble to the left of the “bold” button.

Let’s see what happens.

Edit: That’s what happens when you do “quote whole post”. It quotes nothing.

Awesome! :+1:


ETA: Seems to work if you quote, post, then edit.

Works for me.

That’s because you didn’t quote the post just before yours.

Read the whole thread. :rofl:

I did.

No, you quoted a post before the post just before your post.

We know that works. We talked about it in this thread.

If you try to do a full quote of my post, and you post just after me (nobody posts between you and I), it will remove the post. Including when you use the “quote full post” option.

I really don’t understand the need to quote, in its entirety, the post immediately preceding yours.

Helps to eliminate possible misunderstandings and keep the discussion going forward.

Neither do the people who designed Discourse, apparently.

But the issue is that in a discussion, it can’t be assumed that a reply will always reference the one just before it. As @GreysonCarlisle said, there can be misunderstandings. Even if you don’t quote, if you hit the “reply” button it will also remove the indication of who you are replying to.

It can also be useful to include the quote if you want to talk about the wording of the post, rather than making people go back to re-read the preceding post. Or to emphasize what a person said.

Regardless, it is silly that something like this is literally changing your post for no good reason. It’s the forum software equivalent of Dan Quayle correcting the spelling of “potato”.

Am I replying to @Atamasama or the original post? No one can tell.

Context helps in determining such things.

is a good tip for humans.

However, for my purposes, I didn’t like that every quote would have five visible characters at the end in the editor.

And if I put the no breaking space in directly into the editor, it would be removed.

BTW, I believe you can also use ­, which is one fewer letter.

And this can be exploited, too. Use a whole thread reply to reply to the person above you, and they won’t get a notification. You could, say, challenge them to prove you wrong, and then they don’t because they don’t know you replied to them.

I do not understand why they wouldn’t at least leave the posters name in the top right, if nothing else.