Cannot stay logged in to SDMB

For the last couple of days I am not staying logged in to SDMB. It seems to keep timing out from time to time and I have to login again. Previously I was just logged in permanently. I checked cookies and they are allowed for I noticed that Chrome is warning me that the site is not using a secure connection (https), which I have not noticed before.

What could be the issue? It’s only on one of my machines so I am assuming it’s an issue local to that machine.

It sounds like you need to update your bookmarks or whatever brings you here. As long as your bookmark is https, everything you are served from here should also be https. If your bookmark is http, then all of the pages served here will also be http.

Getting logged out is one of many common symptoms of using http instead of https.

This would also explain why it’s only on one machine. The others probably already have the bookmarks as https.

It would also be nice if everyone ensures links between threads start with https. All too often, I click a link to another thread and end up in http with Sultantheme.

Looks like https is the problem. I manually updated and the problem seems to be gone. I checked my bookmark (which I rarely use since SDBM is a live tab for me all the time) and it has no protocol string. When I use it the site seems to default to https. I’m not sure how I managed to enter the http version. Problem solved. Thanks!

I had the same problem and it was driving me nuts. Deleting the old bookmark works.

I’m having the same problem, and came here looking for help. I’ll try manually adding https, maybe that will do it. Thanks.