Canon Printer Head Alignment


I have this Canon printer Pixma iP1000 which is low end of the market but suits me fine.
The question is with print head alignment. When I do a print head alignment test it prints out a sheet of vertical bars then asks to check the pattern with the least amount of streaking.
I have checked the manual many times and the Canon web page but can’t seem to understand what they mean.
Do they mean the horizontal bars with the best definition or the choice with no bars showing??? :confused:
I realize this is only for people who have experience with Canon but any info or help would be appreciated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Select the squares (or rectangles) with the LEAST amout of banding. ‘Banding’ being the lines you see going through the image.

You want the most solid color, with the least amount of streaking.

The most solid color - obvious :smack:
Why did’nt Canon say that - it’s so simple when you get the answer. :smack: