Cans & Brahms by Yes

Is the song “Cans & Brahms” that appears on Yes’ Fragile album an interpretation of one of Brahms compositions? I’ve always liked listening to it and have always felt that two minutes is too short. Are there are similar pieces available by Yes, Brahms or anyone else I should know about?

It’s based on the 3rd movement of Brahms’ 4th Symphony.

Are you familiar with early Emerson, Lake & Palmer (aka ELP)?. Their first – self-titled – album had renditions of works by Bartok and Janacek, and later on they did a version of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Keith Emerson’s earlier band, The Nice, did “covers” of works by Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, J.S. Bach, Bernstein, and others. Walter (now Wendy) Carlos did a whole bunch of “Switched-On Bach”.

Although the musical styles differ, the above are all similar in concept to “Cans & Brahms”. There are many other examples I’m sure, but these should get you started.

It’s a pretty faithful rendition of the original, although it’s not the whole movement. A bit of trivia: Wakeman originally intended to contribute an original composition as his solo spot on Fragile, but contractual issues stood in the way (Yes recorded for Atlantic, but Wakeman was under contract to A&M at the time). The composition he had in mind later turned up as the opening track of his solo album The Six Wives of Henry VIII.

Thanks for the info.