Can't Bushco find anyone that has no ties to torture?


What has happened to us?

Can’t Bushco find anyone that has no ties to torture?

Surely you don’t expect the president to put a democrat in that post?

What’s Bushco? Are they a privately owned company? I’ve never heard of them.

Perhaps the OP forgot to include an ampersand. Or would BushGMbH be more fitting?

The simple fact is that they can’t be bothered to find a person without ties to torture because they LOVE the idea of torture. They are vengeful, angry, disgusting, ugly troglodytes who have no real concept of what it means to lead a moral life.

Not anyone that they trust.

I know you’re busy and stuff what with the outrage and all, but a more complete OP would have helped me out. (I had no idea who Negroponte was). Thanks Reederco.

The sad thing about all of this is, that I’ve talked with a number of people that don’t see what the problem with torture is. I’ve got a feeling that some people’s minds won’t change until this is being done to US troops.* (Let it be swiftly known that I don’t wish torture on anyone. At all. Ever).

There’s a longish OP in Great Debates, if it helps.

Be careful not to trip, kids. Ensure that your halos light the way. :rolleyes:

even swifter from me no I don’t wish torture on anyone.

but - are you kidding? I personally recall the outrage that the Iraqis would dare, dare, I say, film our soldiers in captivity and publish their pictures!!! the horror. and of course, the burning/displaying of the corpses of the American contract workers.

yes, I do also recall the beheadings of Americans, and think those were horrible as well. But I see no reason to believe that the “some people” referred to here would change their minds about the rightness of torturing the prisoners we hold. they’ve already justified it in their minds. should our soldiers be treated in a like manner, it would only serve to (IMHO) solidify their position “See, they’re animals/scum/deserve this treatment”.

(parenthticaly, any chance you’ll drop the ‘bushco’ crap, Reeder? it really is tiresome, even to some of us who hate Bush, too)