Can't connect to Lord of the rings online. Doing something wrong?

I downloaded LotR Online and everything looks OK until I try to connect. It just says searching for login server 20x and times out. Am I missing something? Same problem with EQII, won’t connect. Is it that busy?

Times I’ve had this problem, it was due to the program being blocked by the firewall.

You could try disabling the firewall temporarily to see if it works. Also, if you are using Windows 7 you could try starting it in Administrator mode.

If it does turn out to be the firewall, you may have to enableaccess to any starting application in the two MMO’s. Good luck!

Definitely sounds like some kind of firewall issue blocking these programs accessing the internet - especially since it’s not ONE game, but two. Not knowing more about your setup, however, it’s hard to give you more advice.