Can't Find Installable ISAM error?

I used Visual Basic 6.0 on a Windows 98 computer to create a small utility which uses a data property to read in a text file and create some output. It works fine on the Win98 machine.

I created an executable and cannot run it from any Windows XP machine. I get the “Can’t Find Installable ISAM” error, which is related, I’ve found out, to the data property.

By the way, I installed Visual Studio 6 on the XP machines and get the same error when trying to access any data property (text, access, excel).

I’ve run all the Windows XP, office XP and VS6 updates on the XP machines and still no luck.

Help. Please.

Of course, my question is: How do I correct this problem?

I don’t have a solution, but ISAM is a type of database table. What’s probably happening is that this program is attempting to use an external DLL (maybe the Microsoft JET database engine?) to access the text file as if it were a database table. It’s not finding the appropriate DLL, so it’s crashing. I don’t know how you’d go about finding out which DLL it’s looking for - I’m not much of a Windoze programmer.

Curious. I’ve been getting this too. It looks like a Windows error instead of an Access error, like I had thought.

Since our recent upgrade to MS Office XP at work, I can’t import 80Mb text files into Access like I could in Office 2000.

I think I’ll call my IT department and fish around for answers.

How often do you get to solve your own problem.

From this web page:

Bolding mine.

I had tried this before posting here and couldn’t find the correct files. This is because they were hidden and the search window didn’t show hidden files. Had to go to tools-folder options-view tab and check “show hidden and system files.” Once I did this the above instructions worked like a champ.