Can't find the make of my motherboard.

I installed a new motherboard in my PC a couple years ago and I’d like to install a better graphics card. The pc has been working fine but the weak link is now the graphics card. I tried to swap out the cards (pci express) and now the pc wont even post or beep or do anything but hum when I turn it on. I put the old card back in and it fires right up.

The new card could be shot…or (I found online) the motherboard might need a bios updating.
I’m trying to update the motherboard
I can’t find the manufacturer printed anywhere on the board. I installed a program on the PC that is supposed to figure this info out but it just comes back with;
Manufacturer - “to be filled by OEM”

I get the same response when I tell windows (Win 10) to give me the same info.

Someone had to make this board…I just want to get the latest bios version from them and be on my way.

What else can I do to get the actual manufacturer info?
I can’t remember where I got the thing from…I think Tiger Direct.
I couldn’t find the purchase in my account history though.
Packaging is gone too.
Also, is it possible that this is an entirely generic board and no-one wants to take credit for it?
Is there any way to update this thing if I don’t have any info on it?

Thanks in advance.

I can post pics of the board when I get home if you think it’ll help.

Does your graphics card require a separate connection from your power supply? Higher end graphics cards often have a 6 or 8 pin connector (or a couple of connectors if it’s a very power hungry card) on the top of them that requires the appropriate connection from the power supply. If your power supply doesn’t have these connections you may need to upgrade your power supply.

As for the motherboard, there should be some sort of part number on there somewhere. It may not have any sort of company logo on there, but often if you google the part numbers you can find the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard.

There also may be an FCC ID number that you can use to track it down.

Did you try going into the BIOS itself? As your computer is starting up, rapidly push the Del, F1, F2, and F11 keys in random order (it’s usually one of those) and see if it gets you in a menu of sorts. Hopefully that might have a clue.

Go to CNET and download Speccy. (Free)

It will tell you name rank and serial number for all you h/w and firmware.

Iirc, it does not have any bloat ware that you have to deal with. Maybe the Ask toolbar, but that is easy to get rid of.

Anything that comes with something like the ask toolbar is malware in my opinion.

cpu-z tells you motherboard model and revision and current bios version

You’d then be able to find the bios updates…

Pause during initial bootup when the BIOS ID is at the bottom of the screen. Write that number down and search for it. (It might not appear if you have one of those idiot logo screens on bootup. Go into the BIOS and turn that off.)

(Or you could use one of the aforementioned programs. Here’s the download page for speccy. It links to FileHippo which currently doesn’t bundle anything with downloads. Avoid CNET/ like the plague.)