Can't get past any captcha

It seems that during the last two weeks, I’ve been unable to pass any captcha. I see them, I type them, but it’s always considered a wrong answer.

I had this problem while trying to get back the password of an Amazon account, and previously it happened in the same circumstances (trying to get back a password) on another site (Yahoo? not sure).

I tried with Internet explorer, chrome and firefox to no avail.
Thanks in advance if you have any idea about what the problem might be.

Are you by chance a robot? They are designed to prevent robot/ai access.

They may well be designed to stop robots, but what they’re most effective at is stopping me. I can never get past them.

Maybe find one, take a screenshot so we can see it, and tell us what you typed? Or even a screenshot with your entry put in but not yet submitted?

some have an option for blind people where they use audio to tell you what to type.

I don’t know what the deal is but it isn’t just you. I have been failing them a lot more often recently as well. There have been two that I wasn’t able to get past at all despite repeated attempts, zooming in for a really close look on a large screen and changing my perspective to see if I was missing something obvious. Nope, it just kept giving me completely illegible scribbles that I don’t think anyone could read. Well, it is certainly secure in the sense that it blocks access for everyone and everything equally.

I’ve found that some are case-sensitive and some are not. Perhaps the sites you frequent changed their CAPTCHA type, and you are typing in lowercase when they expect mixed-case?

I hate to ask, but is your caps lock on? (I’ve been caught by that more than once.)

@clairobscure, since you are having this problem even with different web browsers, makes me wonder if you might have a virus of some sort that is interfering with the process. Many, many times friends have asked for help with a computer problem and it turned out their computer was infected. Sometimes “infested” would be a better description. :eek:

I have encountered Captcha images that were very hard to decipher. (I’ve saved some of the worst and will upload and post links if there’s great interest.) Many sites have a “Try a different Captcha” option, but this was no use at one site: even clciking until I got easier ones, they were still too difficult.

BTW, I sometimes have a related problem with Google search. Once every month or two it decides “my machine is being used for automated queries” and aks me to solve a Captcha. These Captchas are rather easy and I’m pretty sure I solve them correctly, but clicking just leads to another Captcha, and then another … and another …

I just refuse to do them.

Generally, I’ve found that what’s behind the captcha wall is not worth the effort to get there.
And if it is worthwhile, it can be found at other places on the internet.

Don’t encourage them by participating.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords, regardless of how obscur they may be.