Can't update programs, Malwarebytes, AVG can't solve

My downloads and web pages have been often very slow just as of yesterday. I even uninstalled my internet filter to see if it was buggy, but the problem remains. Malwarebytes and AVG have not found the problem. I’ve tried to run a free trial of Kaspersky, but the definitions update is running at under dial-up speeds.

On the other hand, YouTube runs fine, and if I download a video from there, it hits over 2MB/s. Some sites or updates just are awful. I’m out of ideas. Is there something else to check or another scan to run?

You might want to check your DNS addresses. Sometimes I find that the servers run by my ISP aren’t making the grade, so I switch to Google’s for a while, and vice versa.

Are you running AVG and Kaspersky at the same time?

I would use CCleaner and let it remove every history, cookie and internet crap that it can find. If your computer is so slow, you could get it on a memory stick from someone else.

You should also look through your task manager to see if anything strange is running.

First make sure that your internet connection is OK.