Can't wait to apply for this job!

It’s been a while since I foud a job to apply for that really got me stoked…most of the time, I’ll find something and go “ehhh, yeah I guess I can do that,” but then never get motivated enough to apply. This sounds like so much fun, though :slight_smile: And I’m qualified enough to (in a good and just world) get an interview…and if I can get an interview, I’ll (again, in a good and just world) be competitive.

The only thing I’m lacking, really, is actual shelter experience. But I think I can get around that by playing up my training, organization, and public speaking experience.

Good luck!

Best of luck! The critters need someone passionate about them!

Good luck! I hope you get it!

sounds very rewarding - let us know what happens. good luck!

That sounds like a great position! I hope you get it. The volunteer coordinator position came up a couple months ago at the shelter where I volunteer, but I wasn’t in a position to apply at the time.

Have you worked or volunteered at an animal shelter at all? It is so rewarding, but also can be very emotional (both happy and sad).

Absolutely push your experience and enthusiasm. Many, many jobs put down a min. degree requirement simply to narrow the list; experience nearly always counts for far more than the paper.

And good luck! I hope you get it :slight_smile:

I haven’t, and that’s what I’m afraid will count against me.

Oh boy, application and freshly updated resume and cover letter submitted! Now, to sit and wait for the phone call to set up an interview, or e-mail saying ‘sorry’…

Good luck!