CAP lost a plane in Pierce County

Mundane local(-ish) news.

A Civil Air Patrol Cessna 206 lost power on a training flight and crashed at Pierce County Airport Thun Field. There were no injuries, though the aircraft is a total loss.

Good to hear nobody was injured. Who looks for CAP planes when they crash and did they remember to turn off the emergency beacon?

I’m bushed. I thought you wrote ‘emergency bacon!:stuck_out_tongue:

On a mission, CAP aircraft are usually assigned search grids; so they’d know approximately where they are. And on a search, there would be other CAP aircraft flying. (This wasn’t a search, but a training flight.)

nice airplane to do searches in. And everybody should have an emergency ration of bacon on hand.

My dad flew a 206 from Yonkers to someplace in SoCal to deliver it to a CAP squadron. (Dad was Standards & Evaluations Officer for Group 9 at the time.)