Capitals' forward trapped in penalty box, gets rescued

When the Capitals were having breakfast at their hotel in Dallas, forward Joel Ward excused himself to go to the restaurant bathroom – and he never came back. The stall door wouldn’t open and wouldn’t open.

He texted his teammates, and they all came in and laughed at him. Ovechkin tweeted “hahaha c’mon maaan !!!hahahahahah”, but apparently most of Ovechkin’s tweets look like that. They couldn’t get the door open, though, and neither could hotel maintenance.

Ward was too big a guy to crawl out underneath the stall door. He was stuck in there for 45 minutes listening to other people flush, but at least he had someplace to sit. Finally, someone scrounged up a stepladder, and Ward was able to scramble over the top of the door and – literally – into the embrace of his team.

The pictures at the links are worth seeing.

That’s awesome! Best story of the season so far!

When you are a muscular 6-foot man weighing 200+ pounds and you can get word to multiple other men of the same size or bigger to help, yet it occurs to none of them that they can just kick the door in anytime they want to, you know you’re talking about hockey players. What a collection of stupid.

I disagree; they were smart.

Breaking the door down = bad press.

Funny ladder story + pics = good press.

It’s like surgeons not stopping elevator doors by sticking their hands in – their bodies are too valuable. Imagine going on IR because you broke a toe or wrenched your back freeing Ward from a restroom stall.

The punchline to that joke is, “They use their heads instead.” :smiley:

That’s true; I suppose the players here could have tried to bite through the door with their teeth. :cool:

Ward for the shat trick.

I never knew a forward could become a substitute gaolie.

Not teeth, tooth. They are hockey players. :smiley: