Cap'n Wacky's Unfortunate Greeting Cards

I know some of you are already familiar with this site, and some consider it a Lileks rip-off (though Lileks hardly invented the genre, and his politicking has ruined his site for me). So, thought you’d enjoy some scary, unfortunate greeting cards for the many-holiday’d season!

I love that site. I don’t understand why so many people hate it. What, just because James Lileks asembled an amusing collection of images, no one else can ever do it again? :dubious:

Anyway, Lileks has stopped the political stuff now that the election is over. He’s been back to normal since about the second week in November.

Eh, they could be a bit less derivative with their format. Come on, “Gallery of Unfortunate X”? And if they’re going to try to imitate Lileks’ style of commentary, they could use a little more wit.

And they could author the site so it’ll display in an HTML standard compliant browser, like Opera. Grrr. (The CSS is improperly implemented, and none of the images work.)

There are some good pics there, though, if you’re willing to open IE. Thanks!