cappucino connoisseur

This story is so mundane and pointless that I just had to share it.I heard it from our assistant kitchen manager, at the cafe where I work. “Karen” was working up front, serving customers, working the register, etc. A customer buys a cappucino(we serve all the fancy coffee drinks). After taking the cappucino back to her table and tasting it, said customer brings it back to Karen and asks “Are you sure this coffee is right? It tastes like it’s burned, and it’s not sweet” “Karen” explains that it is supposed to be strong, and that no flavors or sweeteners were added because the customer had not asked for them. She gets the reply “Well, I was just wondering. It doesn’t taste like what I get from the coffee machine at the filling stations.” Ummm, lady, it isn’t supposed to! It’s supposed to taste good. How can anyone use gas station coffee as a benchmark on how good coffees are supposed to taste? Maybe they don’t have sensitive taste buds. Oh well, just wanted to share a silly customer story.