Capri. Most beautiful place on Earth?

My husband and I are in(on?)Capri right now. I am in awe. It is SO beautiful.

In spite of the day trippers and the many many expensive stores the island itself is just spectacular.

We have spent a lot of time in Italy and been to many beautiful places. Venice, Cinque Terre, Rome, Florence…but my god. In the last couple of days I have been brought to tears so many times.

I downlaoded and read a book today about the area and now when I look across the island at Vesuvius I feel like the past and the present are right there, together. I don’t even have a word for the emotion. Is there a word for that?

So what places do that to you? What scenery brings you to tears? Is it just me?! It cant be just me.

I love mountains and spend most summers in the Austrian alps. There are simply too many jaw-dropping moments to count but there is a particular picnic spot in Carinthia, in the bottom of an ancient glacial valley with the huge peaks towering behind it dotted with snow. This spot has a pristine, clear, freezing stream running through it with massive fat brown trout and pines and birches. It is epic. We were there the other day and it was scorching hot and we just sat on the bank with our feet in the water, not a soul around, watching the trout and munching on fresh pretzels the size of our faces and picking the wild strawberries and raspberries that grew beside us. We felt like hobbits.

Utterly idyllic and achingly gorgeous.

That sounds amazing!

I’m partial to city scapes. I love a mountain or an ocean backdrop, but i love cities. I have no desire to camp or otherwise spend days outside of civilization. If its a day trip, count me in. Any longer than that, no way.

western side of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon. And, to be honest, the eastern view out over the Pocumtucks from my road, especially at dawn and dusk.

I loathe cities. Especially the ones filled with people, those are the worst.

I am way behind on my goal of 1 year, but I have already spent more than 50 days and nights in Supai, AZ.

Austria is a heck of a place if you like the hiking/swimming/biking/skiing thing and the outdoors generally. I keep raving about it to people in the UK but they think of it purely in terms of a skiing destination. Ah well, their loss.

I’m no camper either but I do love to get out there in the middle of nowhere, as long as I know there’s a cool beer and a warm bed at the end of it.

You mentioned Capri and you are right, it is a wonderful place and if you were in the area I hope you managed to catch Pompei and Herculaneum as well. Those two were also destinations that struck me dumb. The sheer scale of it was incredible.

I used to drink their sun out of pouches when I was a kid.

Did you wear their knee pants too?

Maybe you like to hear a German song classic about Capri,Die Capri Fischer :). Italy was a dream place for Germans after the war, and many Schlager songs had Italian themes, but Rudi Schuricke was the first. It had even been recorded during the war but was cancelled because the allies had already conquered Capri. But it was rereleased after the war and became a smash.

“Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt”

“When the red suns sets into the sea at Capri”

Every German til today knows this song.

I like places like Tahoe and Crater Lake. Not a lot of people.

I’ve had the same feeling in Utah’s Bryce National Park, especially when you get lost, down among the “hoodoos.” It’s like being on another planet.

In my younger years I worked as a pianist on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for 4 months, and we were on a route in the Mediterranean. Capri was one of our ports, and you’re right, it was beautiful! I also “climbed” up Mt. Vesuvius, and even got some shots of smoke coming out of it. Our other ports were Barcelona, Malta, and some others I may be forgetting.

I don’t think I could work on a cruise ship again–the living conditions weren’t great, to say the least–but it sure was nice to get paid to see such amazing places!

Bodie didn’t wear short pants and drink juice pouches.

Cool experience! You must have some great stories. :slight_smile:

I love Barcelona! Hasn’t brought me to tears, but I do love the city, and the markets. We were considering a trip to Malta over Christmas. Is it worth it?

We’ve been to Rome many times now, and the city still moves me to tears.

In London, at Covent Garden market, there is this sunken area where violinists play music throughout the day. I have yet to listen without crying. One time I downright started to bawl and had to quickly move away to stop myself. So embarrassing.

I’ve never even been there in real life, but New Zealand looks so drop-dead gorgeous in photos that I bet it will do that to me, if I ever get to go there. There was a documentary/special on the Lord of the Rings movies dvds and it showed the locations where they filmed/used for the artwork/scenery in the movie. It was just gorgeous. A boss I used to had went on a honeymoon to Mount Cook. Again, the photos were spectacular.

Our beaches are pretty special/gorgeous. The beaches at Rottnest, particularly.

I don’t have one word, but an expression for those places is donde la historia se toca, “where you touch history”.
And speaking of songs, Capri c’est fini/Capri se acabó is one of those songs which get played, sung and hummed so much it’s kind of funny to think it hasn’t been around since Zeus spent his days running after nymphs and his nights running from the wife. No idea if it’s got covers in other languages, the link is to the original French.

Go to Positano before you leave!

Actually, I would say don’t miss Naples - though some people say it’s grubby, chaotic and messy. And they are not wrong. But if you like history and charm, give it a go. It’s my favourite place in the world to visit.

We are on our last night. :frowning:

Our trip was 4 nights in Salerno, 3 nights in Capri, and 3 nights in Sorrento.
We are in Sorrento now.

When we were in Salerno we took the ferry to Positano. I would have enjoyed it more if we weren’t day trippers, as it was too busy and there was no way to escape the people. Beautiful though.
Our airbnb in Capri was perfect. 2 minute walk to the main piazza, great view. When it became too full of people and too hot we could go home to relax on the patio until things cooled down.

This last Chrismas we went to Rome for a few nights and took the train down to Sorrento for a few nights. We did Pompeii then. It was raining and windy, but I think that might have been better than the scorching heat we are experiencing right now.

As for Naples. I would love to spend a few days there!! My husband does not agree. He is of the opinion that it’s dirty and noisy and full of criminals. Meh. That’s exciting in itself.:smiley:

He wants to go to Iceland and I have zero desire. You win some you lose some.

Oh, i forgot to add that the ferry ride to Positano was worth the trip!

I suggest for anyone ever in that area to travel by ferry. It’s breathtaking!