Capt. James Kirk to command cutting edge new naval vessel

Story here.

Well, it’s James A. Kirk, not James T. Kirk. A for Apollo?

Anyway, a stealth destroyer? Looks cool. I wonder what it’s mission is.

Is it a nuclear wessel?

What’s a Zumwalt?

Former Admiral and then Chief of Naval Operations Elmo R. Zumwalt, dec. 2000.

That’s a bad lookin’ boat. We’re not going to need a bigger one.

And how long? Five years, give or take?

I love that. Man if he’s single, do you think he’ll work the whole “I’m Captain Kirk cruising for alien tail” angle?

Ongoing, I believe.

Only when patrolling the Bermuda Triangle :smiley:

There was a strong effort to name one of these three ships the USS Robert Heinlein. It failed. But now wouldn’t THAT have been cool…

No, but as CNN points out, it does have a cloaking device.

That is one heck of a beautiful ship. Genuinely looks 21st century.

How much do we need to bribe them to convince them to rename the boat the Enterprise?

Apparently, he has about 12 years to work his way up…

You know some of the crew are getting the new red t-shirts.

Isn’t that against the Romulan Treaty?

We promise to only use it in the Gamma Quadrant.

Google translate renders Zum walt at ‘For Violence’

Proof that the PTB aren’t literate, that’s for sure.

I appreciate that you all seem to like my new command

Thank you

Capt Kirk

Somebody better warn the female seamen!