Captain America Movie(1990): A review

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I think I remember seeing bits of this on TV. I had assumed it was from the mid-1970’s, but apparently it came out in 1990.

Ridiculously low budget and poorly made.

The Nostalgia Critic has a pretty funny review of it. I think the handshake changing into Heil just became an inside joke with my wife and me.

Part One

Part Two

You could watch it on his main website also, but I don’t like the video player they use.

Main Site Review of the movie
Favorite parts?

Your part one link goes to a review of Captain Planet, not Captain America.


Part One. Watch this one.

Actually, there were a pair of TV movies from the late 70s, though IMDB only lists one of them.

As for the 1990 Captain America movie - the movie studio (don’t remember which one) had an option for a movie version of the comic book, but it was about to expire. Thinking they could one day make bucks off the property, the studio made a cheap, shoddy ‘feature’ that was instantly shelved. The actual movie was never intended to be released, and was only made to extend their hold on the rights to the property.

There was a similarly junky, unrealeased “Fantastic Four” movie made around the same time, with the same intent. The only reason it got made at all was to allow the studio to stake a claim to the rights to make another FF film sometime in the future.

I remember the Fantasitc Four movie, which I have seen(downloaded).

What did you think of the review?

I think “the Nostalgia Critic” is somewhat obnoxious, not as funny as he thinks he is, and a little creepy.

Oh…the movie? Well, it looks putrid, but that was no great surprise.

I know. I like the guy, but he’s doing the best he can with poor material What do you think of his reviews overall?

Captain America is wearing a 50-star American flag on his military uniform in a scene taking place during World War II.

Also, Captain America is a wimp, a coward, and an overall ineffective superhero.

I love that he steals two cars and spends most of the time hiding and running away in his own movie.

It’s what Americans do best!

Ned Beatty is one of two good parts of the movie.
Second good part is establishing that the Skull has been behind every major assassination since the war.

The worst part of this movie is that Cap has a lisp.
Red Skull being Italian is the second worse thing about this movie.

The rest of the movie is just awful.

I’m not conviced that it wasn’t intended for theatrical release. I remember seeing a teaser trailer for it in the theater.

A space field and then a whoosh whoosh whoosh sound as something flies toward the camera from the depth of space. The object then tilts and stops right infront of the screen. It’s cap’s shield. A title card came up and said “coming this summer”.
It didn’t make a lick of sense. Why was Cap’s shield in space?

:eek: I remember that!

It definitely came out on VHS here. I liked it, when I was 9. I’ve never seen the Fantastic Four movie from around then though.

The second one was Death too Soon!

As for the 1990 movie, I agree with everyone how bad it was. The fact that Cap spends half of the movie running away and hiding is lame, the fact that he had his arse handed to him on his first mission is lame, running away from Ned Beatty while making Curly’s “Woo woo woo woo” sound is extremely lame, the fake ears on the mask were disconcerting, Red Skull being Italian is something I can’t even understand. I guess Ronnie Cox as the president and having Billy Mumy in it were OK, but I can’t think of much else nice to say about the movie.

I just remembered… I have a movie poster for this and not the one that is shown on the wiki site. So it definitely was meant for release. I think N&I Superman may be conflating the Fantastic Four shelved movie story with the story behind this one.

The poster I have has a profile close up of Cap from near the end of the movie but the background is a generic aerial night time shot of a large city. Again, didn’t make a lick of sense.

(Aside: Please don’t link to the Youtube videos, Doug (the actor) makes his entire living off the main site and they’re struggling as it is right now, and he doesn’t get paid for hits to an unaffiliated Youtube profile. They’ve been trying to get those vids down but they get reuploaded as fast as they can be reported)

Anyway I meant to watch it when it got uploaded but got distracted, he’s been doing pretty well lately after that rut his was in a few months back, since you’re randomly linking it I’m guessing he hasn’t slipped!

The Captain America movie was released. It was direct to video cheapy by Albert Pyun who made a lot of bad direct to video and/or Showtime movies.

I’ve seen the Fantastic Four movie. It was worse than they recent ones, which is saying something. I shudder just thinking of it.

Yes, I wish his website worked better than it does. Anyway, folks, try his site first, which I linked to in the first post. Only use youtube if it isn’t working for you.

How does he earn money, by the way. I see no ads on the site, but I do use adblocker.


There are ads on the site, as well as Ads after the videos on the player they use. There are also donations via paypal that help (well, “donations,” you’re technically paying an arbitrary amount over $20 in exchange for access to the premium site). That’s the company though, the contributors themselves make money from the hits their respective videos/articles get, I’m not a contributor so I don’t know the exact formula, but the more traffic a video gets the more they get paid by their producer.

Did it contain any logic holes as bad as “punching a hole in a river bed somehow causes the water from upstream to stop flowing”?