Caption Me 2

I recently started a Caption Me thread on Alberto Gonzalez. Well, after months of pressure in the media, Pres. Bush has finally been forced to
comment on the AG.

Other captions might work… :smiley:

“I’m a grower, not a shower.”

“I’m crushing your head, i’m crushing your head!”

Hah! Right-hand claw grip crushes Monkey Brain!
Killing Blow!!!

“So… uh… the backwards C means it’s my right hand?”

“Yes, my brain really is only this big. Stop laughing.”

“I pinch.”

Reporter: “How old are you?”
Bush: “I’m THIS many!”

Reporter: So Mr. President, how much do you really know about this topic, or being president at all?

Bush: Heh heh, just between you and me? This much.

“Laura’s nipples get this big.”

“Yeah, so (heh) we’re talking about a miniskoo, uh, minisotal, uh, really, really small amount of stuff, here. (heh)”

(Every time I see a picture of the President, all I can hear is John Stewart impersonating him.)