Capturing an image from a DVR with a Mac

In this thread I’m asking for identification of an aircraft partially seen in a 1941 short film that I recorded on my cable box/DVR. It would be helpful if I could capture the image. A few years ago I tried connecting my cable box/DVR to my PowerBook G4 with a firewire, but was unable to ‘see’ the device.

Can someone tell me how I can do this?

You probably can’t do it without additional hardware. Most of the consumer cable boxes don’t do anything useful with their FireWire ports.

Other than a cable, no extra hardware is required. Look over in the AVS forum - they have long discussions on this.

When I used Comcast, I copied DVR recordings to my MacBook all the time via Firewire. IIRC, if your DVR has Firewire, you have to get the Firewire SDK from Apple (must do a free registration as a developer), install it on your Mac and get a firewire cable to connect your DVR & Mac.

There is a small application in the SDK that lets you record from the DVR - all of this is one-to-one, you play it back on the DVR and re-record on the Mac. No support for high speed file to file copies.

The only caveat is that the recorded program must allow multiple copies. Now that I am on FIOS, this is possible only for local channels - on Comcast, it worked for all but premium and cable HD channels.

Why don’t you just use the webcam and aim it at the TV? You don’t need perfect resolution, just a viewable picture?
Or use a digital camera?

If you don’t have an LCD, it might take a couple of tries to get the plane in entirety, but multiple images of both halves would work too.

That’s what I ended up doing. Link in the other thread.