Car Bluetooth problem

I use Waze on my iPhone as my GPS system. I’ve been having a problem with the voice navigation when the iPhone is plugged into the USB Port in my car.

The problem is that my music automatically starts playing on the car speakers, but when I pause the music, I pause all other Bluetooth sounds as well, including the voice navigation sounds.

When the iphone is not plugged into the USB there is no problem. No music is played and the navigation sounds are played through the car speakers. When it is plugged in, the navigation sounds still work, but only when the music is on. If I turn off the music, it turns off all the sounds.

Any help?

Bonus question: Sometimes the iPhone auto-locks even though Waze has a setting to prevent auto-lock. My best guess is that the phone is getting too hot. Anyone have this problem?

Bluetooth can have some annoyances.

You might try a different power source then what you are plugging your USB cable into, there might be data being sent to the car over it that is causing the unattended effects.

Waze has a check box for ‘prefer Bluetooth’, you can try that both on and off and see if it makes a difference.

Another anoyance I foudn with WAZE + Music is sometimes the music will stop, that is solved by pressing the play button on the car control right after that happens, sometimes it takes a few presses then usually it is good to go.

Oh, on edit, I doubt that it is a overheating issue, if that happens your phone shuts down into too hot mode, the only thing it will show is a temp warning and a emergency call option.

It might help if you mention what kind of car you’ve got since they all have their quirks. I assume this is the original stereo too?

My Subaru behaves somewhat similar to what you’re describing with the android devices I’ve used with it. You can connect to it via Bluetooth when it’s plugged into the USB port, but it does weird stuff. The workaround to it is just to make sure you put the car stereo in USB mode instead of BT mode when the phone is plugged in.

Lexus CT200h.

What model of iPhone do you have? Because there are many different versions of Bluetooth…