car commercial with cat dying

I saw a commercial where a cat lost it’s head while the sunroof closed on it’s neck. Granted, I saw it on snopes, who didn’t know if it was true. Anyone? Looks fake. Oh, and, sayonara!

It’s fake.

It’s fake. You can see it here. It was replaced with the car smacking away a pidgeon by Honda. Sorry, my link for that one won’t work. But yes, it is definitely fake.

Ford Sportka.

The cat death is fake, of course. As for it being a real ad, that’s trickier. Ford says they saw an early-stage proposal for the ad (Olgivy & Mather produced it) but rejected it immediately. O&M hasn’t said much, as far as I know.

I’ve been involved in producing TV commercials. Even when there are no actors used, they still require a huge crew for lighting, cameras, set management, sound, etc., not to mention all the post-shoot editing and effects work. This takes a lot of work, time and money. The idea that an agency would continue so far ahead on an idea that the client had already rejected strikes me as a bit implausible.

Thanks, Sublight. Not sure why I thought it was Honda…