Car Dealership Satellite Dishes?

I’ve noticed that a lot of car dealerships have satellite dishes on top of their main showrooms…any idea why this is? i don’t think it’s so the dealers can watch tv on their break time:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::D:p:o:smack::):D:cool::eek:

The car dealer I spent a few quality hours at a few weeks ago while my car was being repaired had a couple tv’s in the customer waiting area. They even had wi-fi for those that wanted access to the internet.

I should check to make sure, but I’ll post first and ask questions later.

I believe there is a service they can subscribe to that provides marketing, sales and relevant car selling help, data and videos.

It may be less important now, but 10-15 years ago it may have been a bigger deal.

Now; Off to the internet to support my memory/conjecture!

Well: I found this…

and this

Almost twenty years ago, I found myself working at the Ford dealer in my hometown. Even back then, they had sales seminars with two-way voice for us lowly salespeople.

Nowadays they need hookups to update the software in the cars, I suppose.

Heck my (US) local gas station has an uplink do they know what to charge for gas each day.

Fordstar besides inventory management and alike also provides programming for the dealership personnel. Training classes, product info updates etc.
It has 2 way capabilities with users being able to log in and answer multiple choice questions.
Volvo had a similar system called VenStar. I wrote and was the onscreen presenter for a training class on electrical wiring diagrams.


I used to work for an advertising publication that took me to multiple car dealers every day. Every one had a TV in the service department’s waiting room.

Ok, so have you ever been at the gas station in questionable weather, and had trouble paying with plastic, “because our credit card system is down”?

Yeah. The dish is for the CC system sometimes. (I can’t vouch for every instance, obviously.) I don’t know why they run it like that - I suppose it’s faster than a dial-up, but easier than upgrading to cable/dsl if it’s one of the older buildings.

Source: I used to sell you gas (among other things).

It’s run like that because it’s a secure connection directly to the processor, rather than going through the internet where it could potentially be intercepted. It’s possible to get permission to use your cable/DSL connection, but this requires having a connection with a secure tunnel to the processor, generally provided by a third-party vendor and per month, costing 2-3 times what the satellite system costs.

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