Car Help please

my sister Caira_rand told me this is the place to get information on anything we both are thinking of becoming members any way I have a 91 chevy lumina v6 that drove fine on my way to work and on my first delivery it would not leave first gear in drive added tranyfluid stil wouldn’t shift please give me any ideas that might work thanks

I had a '93 Grand Prix that had issues shifting if it was very cold outside. I’d drive around the neighborhood two or three laps, in 1st, until the transmission eventually warmed up where it finally shifted to 2nd, then 3rd. As time went on, eventually it couldn’t shift from 2nd to 3rd (only a 3 sp automatic) due to a clutch ring in the transmission or something.

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Is it a standard? If so, try adding brake fluid to the hydraulic clutch, if it’s low. There should be a cap right next to the regular brake fluid reservoiur.

You can try shifting manually, from low to 2nd to drive (or whatever your shifter indicates) - there’s a small chance that it might get to 2nd or even 3rd that way. From the symptom described, though, it sounds like overhaul time. I’d suggest an evaluation by a reputable transmission shop.