Car jack: Rusted tire iron: Missing Where should I look for another?

I bought a used car and failed to look for things such as a tire iron. It wasn’t left in the trunk. So, yesterday, when I woke up to a flat tire, I was angry when I found this out!

Then, after borrowing an iron from a neighbor, I found out that my jack was COMPLETELY rusted to the point that I didn’t want to touch it nor did I have to give it a second thought, it was garbage.

Where can I get replacements? What about a junk yard?

Auto parts store.

Bone yard.

Pick-n-Pull, junkyard. Hundreds to choose from, all styles and configurations. Much cheaper than a new one.

Pawn shops usually have a bin or three of random tools.

OMG, you can’t walk through one without tripping over a jack. People take them out of the cars to jack them up so when the car is finally crushed the jack remains in the yard like some kind of weird archeological record. Definitely a Pick-n-Pull.