Car problem: heater core

I’m pretty sure mine isn’t leaking. Coolant levels are consistent.

If I do have the heater core replaced, it would be an opportunity to fix other things inside the dash. I’ve had no horn for years and the steering wheel button to check miles till empty etc hasn’t worked for a while.

A 2016 is awfully early to be having years of heater core problems, plus the other control stuff. I jokingly ask, is this a flood recovery rebuild or something?

That’s exactly what it is, in function if not appearance. I think the term core throws people off as we expect cores to be glowing and quietly humming with an ominous energy.

Nope. No problems at all until the heater core thing.

Historically, I’ve always kept Jeep Wranglers until 100,000 miles, then traded in for a new one because I hate dealing with the eventual failures that tend to happen.

This one I decided to keep longer.

Well, part of the flow goes through the heater, not all of it. Cars with complex cooling systems can have a electric pump to force the coolant through the heater.

The original design for the Chevrolet Vega did not use a radiator as the heater core was supposed to have enough surface area. Production models had a very small radiator, though.

On my Triumph I can valve off the flow to the heater to help cool off the cockpit.