car question:abs sensors

I have an 02 sunfire with a 2.2 and a 4 speed automatic transmission. The odometer reading is 170k .

At times when I am reversing , my abs , electronic traction control dash lights will come on the right side and the service engine light will light up on the left side. When I hooked it up to an OBD II scanner it reported a c1222 error code pointing to the abs sensor.

How much shop time would i be looking at to bring it into a dealer


Not that it means anything, but the ABS light on my '03 Malibu went on this spring; I was told that the whole wheel bearing assembly would have to be replaced to fix it as the sensor is integrated into it.

The diagnosis was free (though I was having a >$1000 problem fixed at the time). They quoted me something like $500 to fix it. Winter approaches, so I suppose I should take them up on it sometime.