Car Question

My friend has a Toyota Corolla that has been sitting unused and unstarted for a year. At the time of initial storage, her son put a chemical of some type in the gas tank to keep the gasoline from… doing something, I don’t know what. Anyway, what needs to be done to get the car running? She will get a new battery installed, and have the tires inspected and oil changed, but what about that chemical in the gas tank? Can the car be started right up, after the battery is installed? Thanks for your help!

He probably put Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer into the gas tank to keep the gas from varnishing (turning green and gummy). You should be able to hook up the battery and go.

Let it warm up, get the oil changed and add some gas. You should be good to go.

I store my motorcycle over the winter and put Sta-Bil in the tank, well I do now after an unfortunate incident where I forgot. It involved a lot of work and a fair amount of swearing.