Car quirks

Cars today seem, by and large, to be trouble-free. Computers keep things running smoothly. But back in the day there weren’t computers. My hobby car was built in 1966, and a contemporary computer would have been as big as the car itself. So it has a couple of quirks. There was that bizarre electrical problem last week, which now seems to be resolved. (All hail Lucas, Prince of Darkness!) Tomorrow we’ll have rain, so I thought it might be a good idea to put the top up. Oops. It’s been stowed for a couple of weeks, and there’s no sun to warm it up and make it supple. I could not secure the clamps! So I got the space heater out of the bathroom and set it on the passenger-side floor. After warming for half an hour it was still a struggle, but the car is buttoned up tight and covered. Just one of those quirky things I’ll have to remember.

What are your car’s quirks?

Where to start…

The Fiat cooling system needs to be “burped” since the rad is lower than the thermo housing. The wipers and fan shouldn’t be used at the same time. Usually blows a fuse.

The Volvo seat controls are counter-intuitive, and work opposite from just about every other vehicle.

You must pump the Jeep brakes. (the very least of this abominations problems)

The BMW mirror always needs to be reset when using the “driver seat presets”.

“Drive” is closer to Neutral in the “Big” Ford Pickup.

You have to override the neutral saftey switch in the “Old” Ford Pickup to get it started. Starting fluid is required if it sits more than a few days without running.

The speedo reads 15% low in the Torino.

The LED display is out on the Nissan radio, so if you disconnect the battery, you need another radio around to reset the stations.

The “other BMW” leaks oil when hot. Not so much a quirk as me being too lazy to replace the head gasket. :wink:

The gas gauge in the Voyager has a mind of its own. Keep an eye on the odometer as a double-check.

The daytime running light module is fried on my Sable. Somehow this means that the high beam indicator light doesn’t work. So, you have to remember to check the position of the turn signal/wiper/high beam lever when driving at night so you don’t inadvertently blind people. Also, since last winter the windshield washer doesn’t work. It’s not the pump and it’s not the relay or fuse. It must be the actual switch in the lever, but I don’t have a clue how to dismantle it properly to check. I really need to find a way to fix this before the snow and road salt season begins.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: The transmission won’t shift into third gear when the engine is cold. I need to drive for a few kilometres below 60 KPH before it will finally find third and overdrive. Also, it stutters and almost stalls after about one minute of driving, then it’s fine. (I sometimes need to put it in neutral and rev it to keep it running.) One of my tires has a slow leak and I have to put air in it every couple of days. The heater does not provide overly warm air on the coldest of cold days. I sometimes drive all the way to work in a cold car. (~25 minutes. Brrrrrr…)

Apart from that though, I’m fine. :wink: