Car radio plays same song as finale of concert

Has anyone been to a musical event and when they returned to their car, the radio was playing the same song that the event finished with? Because now I have.

I went to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Women Rock, featuring rock and other popular songs that had been sung by women backed by the symphony and some random semi-talented vocalists pretending they’re as good as the original. Most of the soongs were most well-known for being sung by women, but there were a couple that were not, most especially the finale, “Proud Mary”, most known as being a Creedance Clearwater Revival song, but apparently Tina Turner put out a version at some point. So when we get back to the car, the CCR version on was SiriusXM as we turned the car on.

(The other one not most famously (to me) sung by a women was “You’ve Got A Friend”, which at least was written and at some point recorded by Carole King.)

Can’t say that has ever happened to me-- don’t go to many concerts, at least not of the sort where they play music one could reasonably expect to hear it on the radio.

But . . . I saw the Robin Hood Movie “Prince of Theives” in the theater . . . well, whenever it was that that was relatively newly released. And then we went out to the car, and the song on the radio was “Everything I do, I do it for you” which was the song playing over the credits.

I can certainly imagine that being the exact same sort of experience. A song’s running through your head from being at the end of the show, and then you turn the car on…and hear it again on the radio! Rather surreal.

Closest I’ve had is listening to a song on my own, and then stumbling upon it on the radio not long afterwards. Or just running into the same song multiple times in a short period without looking for it.

Not that, but once I was listening to a cassette tape (remember those) of Frank Zappa in my car on a drive. The last song on the album was “Whipping Post”. When it was over the tape automatically ejected and the player switched to the radio. The Allman Brothers original had just started on the station it was tuned to.

Well, if it were going to be anything, Proud Mary is pretty universally played. Rightly so, I would say.

I play Buzztime trivia a lot and coined the term “perfecta” when the current trivia question is related to the song playing in the bar at that moment. It’s happened a few times in the past year.