Car repair advice needed.

I have a 1994 Subaru Legacy wagon with 64000 miles. year, it’s not been driven much in the last 7 years. It’s a Turbo requireing Premium $$$ fuel. Runs OK on regular, but I’m pretty sure the computer compensates by reducing power. So usually buy premium.

Starting to have a growling noise from the drive train when turning right under power. It’s an automatic transaxle. Could be a differental issue, but it’s in the same case as the transmission and that could increase repair costs. Not been to the dealer yet for a diagnosis, and maybe I’m anticipating bad news, but how much would you spend an a 14 year old car before trading up to something newer? Not necessarily brand new, but something in the 2000-2004 range? The car’s not driven a lot these days, just when my wife needs to go to town, or when there’s snow or ice.

Any suggestions?

CV joint going bad or CV boot leaking?

Wild guess, I don’t even know if your car has one.

Yes, it has those, but a quick visual inspection doesn’t reveal any tears. And there are no fluid leaks either, so I’m preyy certain that I’m not losing fluid anywhere.