Car repair diagram?

What’s that cool car repair/car rental diagram called and where can I download it? Thanks in advance!

Uhhh… that is a little vague, no?
Are you referring to Entity Relationship diagrams?

Here is a car rental example:

Some other info on ER modeling:

Diagram, as in picture, not database, and certainly not a flowchart.

Whenever I’ve rented a car or had to authorize repairs to my own car, the rental agency or repair shop has always had a diagram of the vehicle for me to indicate problems on the car. That’s what I’m looking for: that diagram.

Sort of like the one on this rental agreement?

My wife will very commonly say something like “where is the thing?”
So I’ll ask “Is it a big thing or a little thing?”
And she’ll answer something like “You know, the thing that goes in the thing.”

No offense Monty, but your first post was right up there to the same level of vague. Your second one is a bit better, but still doesn’t narrow it down much.

Is it something like this?
(which on preview I see is something like the one KneadToKnow posted)

Is it more like this?

Is it fairly plain or does it show a lot of mechanical subsystems?

Evidently not vague. Knead nailed it.

I will point out what I believe is a source of confusion here. I think that most people, when they hear/see “car repair” or “auto repair,” take it to mean mechanical repair. I gather from context that you are talking about auto body repair. Likewise, “repair shop” most commonly means mechanical repair shop. Body repair is done by body shops.

If you are indeed talking about auto body repair and body shops, it will be clearer to your audience if you use those terms rather than “car repair” and “repair shop.”

FWIW, the only thing that led me to the diagram I found was when the OP specified having seen this when renting a car. Car rental agreements are the only thing I associate this kind of diagram with.

Closed at the request of the OP, before it gets even more confusing.

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